Ways on How to Kill Bed Bugs

12/14/2011 18:56

We were very surprised to see our boss, huffing and puffing in anger as he strode inside the office. It is very obvious he is in a very bad mood. His eyes were fluffy and burning with anger so to speak. He slammed the door going to his office the moment he was inside. Naturally, we were all very shocked with what happened. We have no idea what happened to make him this so angry and agitated.


Our boss is a cheerful happy guy, so it was really a surprised for us to see him act this way. Normally he would arrive in the office in good spirit, all smiles and takes the time to greet everybody. However, we noticed an abrupt change in him these past couple of weeks. At first we paid no attention to it, but later on, he is already getting into our nerves. We started becoming uncomfortable working in the office, most especially when he is around.


One of our heads cannot take it anymore and approach him. He is a very good friend of him that’s why he got the nerve to ask him. Apparently, our boss has bedbugs in their home. It has become so severe that he, and the rest of his family cannot sleep well anymore I the evening. That’s why he is always coming to work in very bad spirit. He has not gotten a decent sleep for quite some time already. Coupled with the embarrassing tell-tale signs of the bedbug bites, he is really finding it hard to maintain his usual jolly disposition.


Luckily, this pal of him has gone through the same predicament and knows the perfect solution for it. He advised our boss to call on a professional pest control company to get rid of the bed bugs. They are the experts and they know the sure way on how to kill bed bugs. Our boss was very glad and elated upon hearing the good news. He is really at his wits end on how to get rid of the hungry-blood-sucking vermin.


He wasted no time in calling a pest control company start cleaning up their home of bedbugs. He has no inkling on how to kill bed bugs and he is very elated that there are companies that offer services like it. He called ahead to his wife to inform them that a pest company is already on their way to remove the galling bedbugs from their home. Already, he is looking forward to a very comfortable sleep this coming evening. He is sure that by the time the pest experts are finish, all the bedbugs will be gone also.