Several Steps in Bee Hive Removal Process

01/27/2012 15:32

Bees have an important role in our ecology. These insects can be useful for various purposes particularly in pollinating your orchard. But then again, it is also our duty to protect ourselves from being harmed. Any person who has been stung by a bee can ascertain that it is not a pleasurable experience. Hence, it is something that should be avoided.


The moment you realize that there is a hive within your property, it is your responsibility to undertake necessary actions in removing it. You must understand that bees must be dealt with cautiously. The dreadful fault that any person will do is to consider bees as an average vermin. Bee hive removal is vital in solving your bee problem.


Several Measures to Consider in Bee Hive Removal Process


Locate the Bee hive

It is essential to find the location of the bees before you act on it. The most suitable period in doing this is in late afternoons and at night. In these hours, bees are not as active as they usually are during daytime.


Put On Protective Clothing

It is also necessary to cover all of your exposed body parts with multiple layers of clothing. Do not forget to wear protective mask and gloves before even thinking of approaching a bee hive.


Make Use of an Insecticide Dust

Spray an appropriate amount of insecticide dust in the bee hive opening. Allow the substance to infiltrate for a day and do the same process the following day to make sure that all of the bees are eliminated properly. Again, take protective measures before undertaking the bee hive removal process to ensure your safety.


Remove the Bee Hive

Take away the bee hive cautiously and put it in a huge plastic bag as soon as you are certain that it is empty and that the bees inside it are already lifeless.


Get the Help of Professionals

Some people consider removing the bee hive without professional help. They assumed that when the bee hive is vacated, the teething troubles are also gone. Unfortunately, that supposition is merely untrue. They must realize that when a honeycomb is not accurately removed it can draw other bees to reside in the abandoned hive. Apart from protecting yourself from being stung it is only appropriate to call in an expert’s help for a dependable and guaranteed solution to the problem.


The bee hive removal process can be a success if you take these steps into consideration.