Getting Rid Of Ants The Proper Way

09/20/2011 19:31

The sure and proven way to get rid of ants is to kill the queen ant. The mass of ants that keeps popping out everytime is the handiwork of the queen ant. A word of caution however, because the task is easier said than done. You won’t find the queen venturing outside and it resides it the very bottom of their lair. It is literally like finding a needle in the haystack.

Ants frequent our homes because they see it as a rich source of nourishments. If your house is any less clean, they will surely multiply rapidly. Soon your whole house will be teeming with ants. Keeping your residence clean is one way of removing the ants from the premises. The fewer the food they come across, the more they will look somewhere else for their goodies. Nevertheless you have to do more than just keeping your abode sanitary and tidy.

Shut down the source of food. As have been pointed out, the ants keep coming back for the very reason that they see it as their resource of food. Your house may be unsoiled in the surface, but deep within there are open food invitations lurking here and there. For instance, food grease and stains sticks to surfaces like tables and counters. It may not be noticeable but for the ants, it’s manna from heaven. Make certain to wipe down all surfaces after cooking or after each single meal.

Make sure that all food containers are shut tight. What is the use of keeping your food inside containers if the ants can get inside of it? Not only do you hold the ants out, but you are also prolonging the newness of your food. In getting rid of ants, you must never let your guard down. One tiny opening is all they need and they will leap on it. Make sweeping, mopping and vacuuming part of your day-to-day cleaning habit. Keep the kitchen sink clean always. As much as feasible wash the dishes as soon as you can. Never ever let soiled dishes and food in the sink stay for long. You might as well give the ants an open invitation to your house.

Put some water in your pet’s food container and possibly in a large bowl. It will make a moat around the food which will make it tricky for the ants to cross. Make sure that the garbage cans inside are also shut tightly and taken out every night. On the other hand, when it comes to a point that the ant infestation is too critical by now, it’s best to call a qualified pest control company to get rid of it. Getting rid of ants, most principally the queen is no easy matter and it’s best to entrust the job to the professionals. This way, you are confident that the ants will be productively turned away. At the same time, you will be spared of the agonies and pains associated in removing them.