Depending On an Ant Pest Control Specialist for All Your Ant Problem

09/27/2011 17:18

The antennae are definitely the most valuable part of an ant. You can say that the ants live and die with their antennae. They could not survive without it - literally and figuratively speaking! Their sense of smell and touch is dependent on their antennae. Suffice it to say, ants would be helpless without their antennae.

Admittedly, ants are strong and tough in contrast to their size. Nevertheless their longevity is so short, just about 45 to 60 days at the most. That is their life expectancy. It’s just that the queen ant is able to turn out enormous number of ants constantly that makes it appear that the ants are almost invulnerable. Their head has a pair of outsized and very resilient jaws. It has a vice-like grip, open and close like that of a scissor. Surprisingly, adult ants are incapable to neither chew nor swallow solid chunks of food. What they do is suck the juice from the food they eat. When every nourishment are drain off, then they discard what is left.

Ants only have two eyes. However mind you, each eye is composed of many smaller eyes. Wow, read this -- ants have two stomachs! Yes, you read right, two. Well, well, why do they require two sets of stomach? Is it an error in their divine creation or just an error of the universe? Evidently, it is neither. The two stomachs are there for express purpose. The first stomach is for the sustenance of the ant itself, while the other one is to be shared with their queen and the others.

Yes, the life of the ants is really quite fascinating, to say the least. Too bad they have to invade our house in their search of food. So, whether we like it or not, when ant infestation comes knocking at our door, we need to overcome them. If not, we will be the one to suffer. Because ants multiply faster than we can exterminate them using our own resources, we need the support of an efficient ant pest control specialist to totally remove it.

As mentioned before, ants are very tough and resilient. They will come back in your house, in droves, waves and waves of it -- you will feel helpless in the face of it. Like an enemy that keeps coming to you, again and again, no matter how much you try to ward it off. Your best resolution is to call the assistance of a certified ant pest control professional to take care of the matters. You really have to put your trust on their expertise and experience or you will be totally overwhelmed by the incursion of the ants. Don’t wait too long to hire them.